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Default Re: Washington Wizards. Worse FO of All Time

Originally Posted by TMT
1. Harden doesn't need to be the next Jordan for this to be a good move. He would be a piece to the puzzle but he instantly makes that team much better than they currently are (which is the laughing stock of the NBA).
2. You are vastly underrating Harden. He's a top 5 SG in the league right now.
3. If being scared is what is keeping them from making moves that take the team in the right direction then the entire front office should be fired.

Like I said, if it doesn't really spell championship, what's the point? To be an entertaining second round team? Harden is not the only great player out there, regardless of if OKC was dangling him in front of the Wizards. A second round team is better than what they are now, but it's also reminiscent of what they were with Arenas/Butler/Jamison. Color me frugal, idk.
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