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Default Re: Washington Wizards. Worse FO of All Time

Originally Posted by SCdac
Like I said, if it doesn't really spell championship, what's the point? To be an entertaining second round team? Harden is not the only great player out there, regardless of if OKC was dangling him in front of the Wizards. A second round team is better than what they are now, but it's also reminiscent of what they were with Arenas/Butler/Jamison. Color me frugal, idk.

So you're saying a trade that makes you an immediate championship contender are the only trades you should make? Tell me, how often do those kind of trades come around?

The Wizards aren't attracting any big free agents the way they are currently constructed and they obviously need a complete redo. Wall and Harden is a great spot to start at, and if they aren't feeling it who says they have to offer either an extension anyway?
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