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Default Re: Washington Wizards. Worse FO of All Time

Originally Posted by SCdac
Eh, money talks. How did they sign Nene? Not saying they're the most attractive team, or than Nene is some kind of Shaq, but if they can offer alot of money the player will come. Can't offer that kind of money if it's tied up in Wall and Harden, who would be fun to watch and look good on paper but I question if they'd be able to thrive together anyways (Wall seems like he needs the ball in his hands alot to be significant in the NBA).

Nene was acquired via trade for McGee.

Wouldn't the same be said of Isiah Thomas? Contrary to popular opinion, Joe Dumars was not just a shooter. As a scorer, he kinda was. But he was drafted out of college as a PG and Detroit immediately sought to play him as a combo guard with Isiah. That Pistons offense was backcourt centric. And Thomas wasn't even a very good shooter outside the mid-range and off his own dribble. They obviously worked.

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