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Default Re: Washington Wizards. Worse FO of All Time

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Nene was acquired via trade for McGee.

Wouldn't the same be said of Isiah Thomas? Contrary to popular opinion, Joe Dumars was not just a shooter. As a scorer, he kinda was. But he was drafted out of college as a PG and Detroit immediately sought to play him as a combo guard with Isiah. That Pistons offense was backcourt centric. And Thomas wasn't even a very good outside the mid-range and off his own dribble. They obviously worked.

Something tells me the defense coming from Thomas/Dumars was alot better than the defense Wall/Harden would provide. None the less, I get what you're saying about the offense. Isiah was a legit All Star/All NBA/HOFer and it's tough to project John Wall as that yet. Considering what I've seen of Lin and Harden, and the way Harden thrived off the OKC bench, I just question if they get the most of both Wall/Harden because they're not exactly getting coached by Daly.
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