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Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I know.

And I've kinda talked myself into this as long as Dickey is getting an extension. That is an absolute MUST to give up D'Arnaud. If it's D'Arnaud and Gose then I don't like it unless AA is somehow stealing Wheeler or someone in the deal as well.

My reasoning is that revenues for the Jays are clearly going to go up with this hype and, hopefully, good results next year. More money made = more money to spend. For the next 2-3 years, the Jays will be looking to contend for WS titles. The Jays generally aren't shy when it comes to draft spending so that should be enough time to rebuild the system for the next "cycle". I dunno. Plus the Dickey/BJs innuendos will be fun.

This is from Joel Sherman:

Again #Bluejays not dealing d'Arnaud to #Mets unless can do extension with Dickey. Exec from team interested in Dickey said Tor (cont) #Mets

is too well run org to go this far in trade talks without feeling good it knows what Dickey wants and that he will take it (cont) #Mets

even without formal negotiations having begun yet. #Mets #Bluejays
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