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Default Re: Week 15.... Holy Crap

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
The answer is NO. I kinda want Cousins to start this game.

I'm not taking the Browns lightly but I trust Cousins to produce enough for a win.

Also, I imagine your coaching staff will play up the whole ordeal where they coulda had Griffin so I'd rather keep the unnecessary contact against a gritty team and let him heal a week for PHI and DAL, n hopefully

THE PLAYOFFS. Hail b!tches
You trust Cousins for a win? Yes, I think that is a sign you are taking the Browns lightly. And, I think we win this game whether or not RG3 plays. Yep, I said it.

This team is playing extremely well right now and our defensive line will be known as one of the best in the NFL a year or two from now. Great talent and depth up front. Meanwhile, Joe Haden has been taking away the opponents' best receiver all season long, which doesn't bode well for Garcon to have a huge day. They will likely have to find other offensive alternatives.

Offensively, the Browns can be explosive with the coming out of Josh Gordon in the second half of the season. He now leads all rookies in essentially every category. Richardson has been struggling with injuries basically all season, but he is a bulldog when we get in the red zone, which is very visible in his 9 rusing touchdowns... The most for any Browns rookie RB since Jim Brown.

A lot of this game will come to special teams, I think, and who is able to control field position. The Browns' offense has been stymied this year when we've been buried deep in our own territory. When this offense has some room to work, the coaches feel comfortable in opening up the playbook and taking shots.

I think it will be a very close game if RG3 plays. With Cousins, I like our chances by 2-3 touchdowns. I just have a hard time believing a rookie with no experience is going to step in on the road against a defense playing very well right now and have a ton of success.

Go Browns.

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