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Default Re: Article: Devin Ebanks gets long look from Mike D'Antoni in loss to Knicks

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Does this mean you are happy we didn't overreact and kick him off the team

I just think if you drink during the regular season, then it messes up your conditioning. This tells me that a player doesn't really care. He probably thought he wasn't going to get playing time. The truth is he is an integral part of this team. He produces everytime we put him on the floor whether it is 2 minutes, or 20 minutes. I hope he realizes his value, because he is actually a very good player, and he will earn a lot of money in this league.

His focus just has to be basketball.

Edit: I am not sure if you were with us during this time, but there was an article released about how the lakers went to a party before the playoffs started. a party that involved alcohol. Odom had one glass of wine. Other players didn't drink. A glass of wine is fine. This was the season we beat the magic in the finals. Their focus and motivation was at a high that we will probably never see again with this team. You see why I overreacted?
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