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Default Re: In a little bit of a predicament here.

Originally Posted by Mamba
Ok so I've been talking to this girl for a couple weeks, she is actually a 10/10(no I'm not putting up pics, because of my own dignity) i get along with her pretty well so far. the problem its my best friends girlfriends best friend.

We met up last night hooked up (best kisser i've ever ever had), but my best friend txt'd her today saying, "i don't want you to talk to him anymore, because i don't want me and my girlfriend getting involved if you both fight"

She does not know i know this, i want to be able to tell her "i spoke to him, its all sorted, we can talk again"

However that comes across as needy, giving her some sort of power trip.

basically i don't want her to hold the advantage if anything comes to fruition from this, she seems like the type that wants to play mind-games **** with a guy, however i want to be able to shut that down, wear the pants etc. etc.
just tel lthese fk** bitch wh ofk** cares to your freind that you can talk if your say that you can talk and get the fk ** out these phones when your a do kissing wtf wrong to you that on the phone when your with me your fk ** bitchies dont know what your doing and tell to her shut fk** up and watch nba
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