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Default Re: Rob Parker illustrating what lines a journalist should not cross (re: RG3)

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
Im black...And I grew up in an "urban area" And Im saying he is a dumb ass for saying that... He's not in a barbershop or anything like that. He's on TV, and if he insists on trying to figure how black RGIII is? He needs to articulate it a whole lot better than he did, because it is a question that he shouldnt even be worried about.

Those are some sensitive accusations to make on a sports show. If he is insisting on going there (which I think is unnecessary) he needs spit some knowledge.

WTF is a cornball brother? Has Rob Parker passed by a mirror lately? If we are talking cornballs, he looks like a bigger cornball than Griffin.

and on the white girl....His fiance is his business. We dont need to try to examine his personal relationship like that. Thats disrespectful. The guy hasnt even played a whole season yet and we are already gonna go in on his woman? not good...

Rob Parker was out of line on alot of levels... Like I said, seemed like he forgot where he was at and started talking like he was talking to his friends or something...

If RGIII somehow makes his personal life public news, then I could see asking some questions about it, but not right now. At least let the guy get his feet wet before you start throwing dirt on him

Even if he was in a barbershop, that shit still wouldn't fly
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