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Default Re: Rob Parker illustrating what lines a journalist should not cross (re: RG3)

Thats true rg3 has been amazing this year. Black or not he is a great qb.

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
I understand what he's trying to say but he did not say it the right way at all. First of all, he shouldn't be saying it on a sports show. let's leave race out of it.

RGIII has probably experienced racism all his life (from Louisiana no?) but for someone to deny and strip him of that oppression in such a boneheaded way is just appalling.

The point RGIII has been reinforcing is that sports writers should stop talking about him as a "black QB" because he wants to be the GOAT QB regardless of colour. He is not shirking or abandoning his blackness, he is trying to embrace his greatness regardless of who his fans are. He has a lot of fans? sure he said he will embrace that, but the colour of his fans skin or his for that matter is the last thing he wants people to consider when they look back at his career. that is respectable enough for such a young athlete to come out and say.

Rob Parker crossed the line. the saliency of race cannot be denied in professional sports, but it is not something that should be negotiated through the media, it is something extremely personal and controversial and I wish we'd stop focusing so much on it and deflecting attention away from a phenomenal athlete and what he has done this season. THAT should be the story
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