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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

In regards to Felton I have no issue with him besides him shooting too early in the game clock and not being able to control the pace of the game. Too many times when the Knicks get too quick for themselves he allows it for too many possessions.

Originally Posted by franchize
Missed the Cavs game. I saw the highllights. I told you guys Kyrie was gonna go off lol. Also, the Cleveland Cavs have to hodl the record for most guys with protective masks. My goodness. It was like watching the Jabberwockeez or something lol

Glad we held on and won a game that I figured would be harder than most people expected. Cleveland always seems to give us a scare.
As good as the team looked on offense the only reason the Cavs got back into the game was the Knicks got lazy on defense. Not stupid mistakes but lack of hustle kinda cruising. Plus Kyrie is unstoppable especially when your guards are not the quickest of feet but he made some tough contested shots.

Offensively the Knicks played at a controllable pace they never got frantic too much. Very good half court offense.

I personally hate watching Kidd run the offense because he just holds the ball until people make cuts to get open. Its fine sometimes but I want my PG to be able to initiate the offense and create the offense. The ball movement looks good when he does this because you have to move it around forever just to get a good shot off.

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