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Default Re: Predict our record

Originally Posted by Clutch
I don't know. Probably MSG and the crowd. When I first started watching NBA I was only able to watch few games a month. Some Knicks games I watched were interesting so I decided to watch them more. As time was passing I watched them more and more and my heart slowly started to beat for the Knicks.

Just a few years ago when League Pass came out I was able to watch every Knicks game. Before that I watched them on national TV (only a few games a year) and looked up for highlights on the Internet.

Even now they show only like 2 games a week in Croatia (and you have to pay for that channel). Luckily I bought League Pass so I can watch every game I want. You lucky American bastards. Don't have to pay anything to watch the NBA.
I streamed games while in Japan but I will try to find some more reliable way to watch the games. But sports schedules do not support 12-13 hour time differences.
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