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Default Re: Feinstein to introduce assault weapons ban bill

Originally Posted by ripthekik
More with the alcohol:

What the F is death caused by alcohol anyways? I should have stopped this conversation before it began. There is simply NO SUCH THING. Alcohol is an indirect cause, it does NOT cause death directly, unless you are talking about alcohol poisoning. Tell me, how do I die from alcohol? Drowning in a pool of vodka? Someone throws a bottle of whisky to my head and kill me?

Drunking driving causing death? Auto accident, the death is caused by the car. A drunk man killing another person? Murder/manslaughter, caused by whatever weapon he used: knife or gun.

On the other hand, GUNS do kill people. Someone kills another guy with a gun, what is cause of death? the Gun. Guns directly cause death to the person.

How the hell do you even start to compare the two? Not to mention no matter how you try to use statistics, it sides with alcohol as less chance of death occurring (close to impossible)

Argument By Selective Observation:
also called cherry picking, the enumeration of favorable circumstances, or as the philosopher Francis Bacon described it, counting the hits and forgetting the misses. For example, a state boasts of the Presidents it has produced, but is silent about its serial killers. Or, the claim "Technology brings happiness". (Now, there's something with hits and misses.)

Casinos encourage this human tendency. There are bells and whistles to announce slot machine jackpots, but losing happens silently. This makes it much easier to think that the odds of winning are good.

Confusing Correlation And Causation:
earthquakes in the Andes were correlated with the closest approaches of the planet Uranus. Therefore, Uranus must have caused them. (But Jupiter is nearer than Uranus, and more massive too.)
When sales of hot chocolate go up, street crime drops. Does this correlation mean that hot chocolate prevents crime ? No, it means that fewer people are on the streets when the weather is cold.

The bigger a child's shoe size, the better the child's handwriting. Does having big feet make it easier to write ? No, it means the child is older.
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