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Default Re: Lol, had to wait and start my paper until Mark threw that clutch pick

It's funny how bad Sanchez blows. What's even funnier is how you have Jets fans, anti-tebow stans, etc, claim that Sanchez is the best option at QB while Tim Tebow is a running back in disguise.

Tebow may not be a good thrower but he still has a better arm than Sanchez, he throws less picks which is surprising since Sanchez is game manager(a horrible one), and Tebow is obviously a lethal runner. I don't understand why they didn't implement a pistol type of offense like other teams in the NFL are doing with their athletic QB's, it's having alot of success this year. Plus he's clutch and he'd probably had ran it 77 yards on the last drive. Or atleast try McElroy, you have to shake it up as it's clear Sanchez isn't working.. Ryan is to blame for this, any sensible coach pulls out Sanchez long time ago.. Hell Alex Smith got benched and he was having a probowl year

But of course "OMG, Tebow ****ing blows, **** that virgin!"
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