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Originally Posted by 01amberfirewv
What are these?

I agree that most drills build more confidence than anything. It is important to make sure you apply them to game situations and of course spend as much time dribbling as possible.

Up Two Back Twos are sometimes called drag dribbles, or pull dribbles I've heard too, but my HS coach called the U2B2s.

Frankly it's more the back that matters. The drill is a simple V shape. You go up two dribbles with the ball in you're right hand, then slide backwards, ball in the same hand, sort of on your back hip, keeping space between the defender and the ball. Then you dropstep that left foot, snap a crossover (sometimes I'd go behind the back, or through the legs), and attack again two dribbles left handed, and again drag the ball back. We'd do 30 second sets with two groups for a 5 minute session.

This move I didn't learn until I was a junior in HS, and honestly it had an impact on me. It's very applicable. Most young players go forward. Go forward at all cost. That's how I played. Attack, and if that fails, attack again. Sometimes moving laterally to get around someone, but the idea of going backward almost never occurred to me. Once I learned this technique, I found it incredibly usefull. Head into a trap, along the baseline, drag it back, and watch the defenders come toward you, creating space behind them for cutters. And every shooter knows there's no one easier to beat off the bounce than a defender coming at you, so by pulling back quickly, you can kind of create that effect. Defenders are now coming at you, and you're acceleration forward will seem more dramatic. Attacking the seam of a zone and it gets pinched off, drag that dribble back and create space behind it. Coming up court into a 1-3-1 trap? Put that foot on the half court line (which is not over and back mind you) let the trap come, drag it back to the backcourt, and all that space opens behind the trap, plus you can snap that cross over and get under the trap back to the middle of the court.

It's just a very practical move that doesn't look all that flashy.
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