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Default Re: Rob Parker illustrating what lines a journalist should not cross (re: RG3)

Originally Posted by miggyme1
who voted against rg3??? im lost as hell. im a big rg3 fan but im not a redskins ill let u figure that one out. i have no problem with him being a republican.....all i said is people do discuss things like what rob parker was saying.thats all...nothing less nothing more.....but yall just keep stretching a already dead enjoy

i was addressing stallionaire's post.

Ppl do say what dumbasses like Parker say, but they aren't employed by ESPN (The worldwide leader of sports) and get a nice salary and verified accounts to say shit that illiterate city scum believe about race relations and ESPECIALLY politics.

I always hated Parker so I had to fry him on Twitter. He's a buffoon and makes educated black folk look like they still harbor prejudice even if he doesn't speak for them.

What successful black man doesn't want to get with white women all the time? RG jus classy and marrying the girl after he wrote a song and proposed to her.

Surely black n!ggas write songs right?

RG is soooo black, He has Notorious BIG on his warmup music

Who gives a fck? He's already one of the top in the game and EVERYBODY wishes he were on their team. Even teams like DEN, NE, etc...
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