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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by The-Legend-24
This dude does not preach defense whatsoever, how the f*ck are we gonna get good on defense when they're only practicing it for like 20 minutes? Jim Buss is driving this team straight into the ground first, by hiring Mike Brown, then you basically say f*ck you to Phil f*cking Jackson and hire this pha66ot? This dude had a losing record with Melo and Stoudemire! SMDH.

It's really hard to watch the Lakers right now, in no way shape or form is the team doing the right things and worse yet, 'Antoni is close to guaranteeing that Dwight will not return......does anyone understand what is wrong with these numbers;
K. Bryant, 11-24
D. Howard, 5-10
P. Gasol, 3-10
C. Duhon, 1-3
D. Ebanks, 1-4
J. Meeks, 5-13
World Peace 6-18
D. Morris, 3-6
How in the Fk does Dwight only get 10 shots when Kobe gets 24, Metta gets 18, Meeks gets 13......and even Pau gets 10.
WTF is Dwight now our 5th option? He wants to be THE GUY and we give him 10 shots???? We need to change the system or he's going to walk. He can't make the H.O.F taking 10 shots a game......not even to mention no title for us playing this ridiculous style of gunning, no defense basketball that barely allows us to beat the weakest teams in the league
Shouldn't Jimmy's first questions to 'Antoni have been to ask how he was going to use Dwight and Pau? Jerry really needs to pay Jimmy to go away.
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