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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Need some help here.

Right now I have BGE vs Pitt starting and I went with Kyle Rudolph vs Houston over Gates vs NYJ.

1. Should I go with Gates? He's been one of the FF disappointments this season. Last week he got good pts but I benched him. Go figure. NYJ defense is stingy but with Sanchez being benched could SD get more offensive oppurtunities? I dont know why I went Rudolph besides overall he's been more productive than not. I need double digits from this position. Tough matchups for both. I'm leaning Gates but what do you think?

2. Are there any sleeper TE picks you think would fare better than Gates/Rudolph? FA is slim pickens but the guy you list might be up for grabs

3. I have no other RB options. Leshoure/Bell from Det and after them its Goodson vs Carolina Woodhead vs Jags

Any help would be appreciated. It may not matter because the guy I'm facing has Cam Newton/P.Manning starting at QB and Peterson at RB. All 3 are ballin late in the season.
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