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Default Re: 3-Point Bank Shots

I played against this team in my rec league a few months back - it was the first time this team had played in our division, so they were a new prospect for us - and they had a guy who hit 2 or 3 banked triples.

As when playing any team you haven't played before, you have to figure out who the shooters are and, who likes to drive, etc. After this guy banked the first, you'd think it was a fluke, after the second I think we started to pay a bit more a attention, and I'm pretty sure he made another after that.

They ended up beating us on the buzzer too, but everytime since we've run over them because we have effectively scouted them after that first game - they hit a lot of shots from outside in that first game, haven't shot anywhere near as well since. Not saying it was entirely our D, but it makes a huge difference when jump shooting teams are on.
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