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Default Re: Article: Mike D'Antoni experimenting with Lakers' rotation

Originally Posted by lakerfreak

Well if for some, whatever reason you didn't know this then, you now officially know that Mike D is tinkering a bit seeing what he can get from some of these guys. So far, it has been working.

What a genius idea to allow Ron to play some 4. A 4 in D'Antoni's system is expected to be a good stretch to the other team's defense. Additionally, Ron can also post up and make some shots in the paint.

This opportunity also allows Pau the chance to play center, and to get the ball inside where he feels he is more useful. It has been a better sight to see. Not great, but its a start.

Unfortunately this will be a big hit to some of these hopefuls on our team (Jamison, Hill). I am interested to see what is going to happen with that. Hill especially, would bring so much value on this team, or in a trade package for some cold blooded sharp shooter.

It's great that we can beat horrible teams like Charlotte by 1 point after trailing by 18.....I guess that takes genius coaching
The system is crap and is never going to win anything. That being said, I am glad he's willing to tinker with the if only he will tinker with his system to include defense and Center post up game then we can have a shot at this.
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