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Trenton Hassell would be a great addition to the Toronto Raptors. He would be a huge defensive upgrade at the SG/SF position and would easily crack the starting lineup, not only that but he would significantly improve our team defense. Best of all, we would only have to give up Mike James, a player who doesn't factor into the team plan at all, in order to get it done. Hassell is a great team player and would be a welcome addition to the squad. We could shift Peterson to the small forward position, or we could slot Hassell in the small forward position. Ideal trade for the Raptors.

PG - TJ Ford
SG - Morris Peterson
SF - Trenton Hassell
PF - Chris Bosh
CT - Rasho Nesterovic

Bench - Andrea Bargnani (3/4/5), Joey Graham (3), Jose Calderon (1), Kris Humphries (4), Jorge Garbajosa (3/4/5), Pape Sow (4/5), PJ Tucker (3)

That team is much better and well built then the team we fielded last year. I am very happy with what Colangelo has done, if he were somehow able to do this trade then I would be happy.
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