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Default Re: Bargnani and Lowry Centre of Team Meeting

Originally Posted by Toni

those comments were misquoted and used for media attention.

ďIím not going to go over every single crap that was in there, I just wanted to clarify for all you media guys that specific sentence. Iím going to have people look over it and take care of the other stuff, because I donít think some people can afford to change my words like that, so Iím going to have people taking care of that,Ē he said, alluding to legal action.

A couple of summers ago, after doing some Italian commentary during the NBA playoffs that, upon translation to English, appeared to indicate he was unhappy as a Raptor, Bargnani issued a statement through the Raptors saying, in part, his words were taken out of context and were inaccurate.

This time, Bargnani felt the need to speak directly to the media.

ďI just wanted to clarify that one specific sentence that was all over the news, and made me feel really bad, especially for my teammates and my fans. Iím not going to answer to this kind of stuff that doesnít make sense. I didnít say that, so like, somebody accuses you of something you didnít do are you going to (talk about it)? Doesnít make sense to me.Ē
ďThe guys in the locker room that know me, honestly, they were laughing about it with me and joking with me about it because they knew right away that was not true,Ē Bargnani said. ďI think I owed some explanation to the people that donít know me that way. It came out in a pretty bad way and I couldnít do anything about it. What can you do? I can only explain to you this morning and to the team. But again, I donít owe any apologies because I did not say that.Ē

Head coach Dwane Casey and Bargnaniís teammates accepted the explanation.

ďI think heís had problems with the Italian media before and thatís just what it was,Ē Casey said, bringing up the earlier incident.

ďHe explained it to the team, he explained it to me. To me, itís a non-issue, because I know in his heart he doesnít believe what was printed in that medium.Ē
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