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Default Re: Non-Gasol Trade Ideas

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
With the exception of Jodie Meeks, the other players you mentioned are not necessarily "gunners". They do not shoot at will, but rather when the system provides them with the opportunity. If you want a shooter, we should have kept guys like Jason Kapono. Guys who specialize in shooting and making the three pointer.

Duhon, Meeks, Nash, Kobe, and Ron are all relatively good three point shooters, but that is not all what they are about. You need guys that are about shooting (and defending would be nice). i.e. Ray Allen, Mike Miller, and Battier, all on the Miami Heat.

We're good enough offensively especially with a great offensive coach like D'Antoni and the pieces we have. I think we need to improve our personnel for defensive purposes if we are going to win a championship. Jamison is not known for his defense and he really is more of a volume scorer. Hill is a very active defender but I would like to see us get some one with more length especially with Metta being our backup 4 now. Blake is a good defender but we already have five point guards on our roster already if you include DJO, so we need to let Blake go and try to fill out our frontcourt.

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