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Default Re: Non-Gasol Trade Ideas

Originally Posted by kkinchen
We're good enough offensively especially with a great offensive coach like D'Antoni and the pieces we have. I think we need to improve our personnel for defensive purposes if we are going to win a championship. Jamison is not known for his defense and he really is more of a volume scorer. Hill is a very active defender but I would like to see us get some one with more length especially with Metta being our backup 4 now. Blake is a good defender but we already have five point guards on our roster already if you include DJO, so we need to let Blake go and try to fill out our frontcourt.

I was in complete agreement with you on this at the start of the season but now we have 'Antoni who doesn't have a clue how to use a big.....not Dwight, not Pau and not what is the point of adding another big???? He wouldn't use him.

You have to look at who is running....or ruining this show.
It would be nice to dump Blake and Earl Clark for sure.

Apparently Metta is off your Sh!t list
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