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Default NBA News: Opponent Blames Kobe’s Shooting For Lakers’ Struggles

“Absolutely, Kobe’s shooting too much. When we played them, we told our guys, ‘Look, we don’t necessarily want Kobe going for 50. I mean, we’re going to guard him. But we’re not going to double him, and we’re not going to try to get the ball out of his hands.’ Our main concerns were not to let [Antawn] Jamison hit a bunch of 3s and not to let Dwight [Howard] go crazy down low. There’s no question they would be a better team if Kobe shot less. Why do you think [Pau] Gasol struggles? He’s going to struggle in any offense where he doesn’t touch it.

Its not necessarily that Kobe shoots so much. Its that sometimes when the momentum of the game is in question, Kobe can shoot just one bad shot to where it leads to a fastbreak for the other team. Suddenly the momentum is in the other team's favor. He's been a lot better about those situations late in his career. Sometimes a bit of the ballhog Bryant can come out.
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