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Default Re: Gets awfully quiet in here when Rose hasn't been around..

Originally Posted by Crystallas
Yeah, I pay for good season tickets every year. I buy licensed products. And even I understand the process better than you.

Throwing money at problems doesn't make things better. It actually makes things much worse, and in an era with the most punishing luxury tax in NBA history. :

But you can cry and complain all you want. Complaining is like wishing. You can complain in one hand and sh** in another.... guess what?
Im not advocating simply throwing out boatloads of money. But how many times have the Bulls been on the right track only to backwards steps when it comes time to pay players? Look at how many players weve passed up on or lost out on. And if your reply is players dont want to come to Chicago then Im comming back with why? The weather?

How many "plans" have we been fed? Remember the 00 plan? Which featured Duncan, Hill, and.Mcgrady.Then the 04 plan? Which featured Vince Carter. Then the 08 plan? Which featured Kevin Garnett. The 10 plan? Now were preparing for 12 plan. Which features Kevin Love.

Now theres a rumor that management is thinking about releasing Nate Robinson to get under the cap. This in spite of how well hes played. Thats not what I call showing an effort to put the best team you can on the court.
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