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Default Re: Gets awfully quiet in here when Rose hasn't been around..

Originally Posted by Crystallas
Because of fans like you, most good players don't want to play here.

I am anything but glad for crybabies like you. You're not a fan of the team. You just want to moan and complain. You're a fan of your own ego and anger.

Hey, there are 3 teams ahead of us in the east. Why don't you jump ship and root for one of them?
Hometown players like Wade and Garnett have publicly questioned the Bulls motivation to pur a contender on the court. They intentionally broke up a dynasty. Im not making this.stuff up bro. Are you really so naive that you believe all the big name FAs that were to be had since 98 dont want to come here because of the weather? That I blame on Reinsforf.

All the big trades that couldve been had? No shouldve been had. I blame the GM.

Im not saying they shouldve got every big name player. But none? Or the best they can boast is a washed up Ben Wallace, an even more washed up Jalen Rose, and Carlos Boozer.
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