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Default Re: Gets awfully quiet in here when Rose hasn't been around..


Really I think Jordan's shadow cost us Tracy/Hill more than anything else. That's the only time I think Jordan's shadow IMO is a valid excuse. Carter MAYBE the same, but I've never heard of that till now so I don't know if that's legit or not. Not saying you're lying, but I was 13 at the time so I didn't pay any attention to rumors outside of what was in my ESPN magazine.

I think the SOLE reason why we never got Garnett was because McHale was such a shitty GM. Deng+ #2 (LMA)+ Tyson should have gotten that deal done. LMA was a pretty valued prospect. Hell they could have had Rudy Gay, or more likely Brandon Roy. Granted, his knees were always an issue then which is why he stayed all 4 years and wasn't a top 5 guy. but that's a different topic.

2010, we never had a chance because they planned that in the Olympics. The only questionable thing about that was not flipping Deng when they had the chance. In hindsight that's not bad.

I don't fault Jerry for keeping the bench mob together, because we aren't winning a title this year. There was no point to pay those guys the same money, do I wish he had? Absolutely. We'll know if he's a cheap guy if in the next 1-2 offseasons if he doesn't pay the tax. If you look at the teams that make the finals, they're often paying the tax as well. It comes down to how much are you willing to pay for a better chance at a title. I mean even the Spurs paid it three times.

As far as breaking up the dynasty goes. They might have been able to win another ring. But I doubt it. Jordan was looking mortal, Pippen was having his back issues/money desires. And Phil was butting heads with management, and as he now has a history of doing....wanted a break. I think if Jordan wanted everyone to come back together for one final ride, maybe it would have happened. Who knows? I think they had the right idea just the wrong players to build a twin towers system.
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