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Default Re: Gets awfully quiet in here when Rose hasn't been around..

Forum is aliiiiive!!! :

I see where both bulls97 and Go Getter/Crystallas is coming from. Let's not question who is a bulls fan or not, I can gather we all are rooting for the same team and only want the best outcome. Let's not turn on each other, save that for the Laker/Heat fans.

As for the decision on Nate Robinson, I see both sides of the coin. He has been very serviceable and an offensive spark for the bulls so far this year and I'd love Nate to be apart of the team. However when Rose comes back, and RIP returns from injury, there will be one too many PG's and its likely that Kirk will be backing up Rose since he plays the two guard role and can play some lock down defense at the end of games if needed. Yes, Im aware Kirk has regressed a bit, but if he's only playing 20 minutes a game off the bench, he will be alot more effective especially when the playoffs roll around. Only problem I see in that is, Nate can create his own shot and provides an offensive spark, what happens when Bulls are stagnant? Hinrich is not going to help in that regard...

Keeping Nate has little to do with the luxury tax. It's more a team structure thing.
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