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Default Re: Gets awfully quiet in here when Rose hasn't been around..

Originally Posted by 97 bulls
Who is the "org"? Its simple demand. The owners have a fiduciary duty to put a contender on the court or try. And fans voicing their disproval over the FO decisions to save money is a rifgt seeing as how we PAY to do it.

And please stop with the "if you dont like it leave" nonsense. True fans don't run. If thats your mindset then you must be a bandwagoner. It just hasnt gotten bad for you. But when it does, im sure youll leave.
It hasn't gotten bad for me?

I'm southside of Chicago born and bred, So. 113th street, wild100s/Roseland!

I will always root for the Bulls as will my son who got a crispy pair of D. Rose shoes, Bulls shorts, and a Bulls shirt for x mas. My fandom won't stop EVER. But with that said I don't root blindly without complaining at all....the only thing is your complaints are baseless. Idk what has you so upset but your assessments are fatuous.

You can't logically base your anger of trade rumors and heresay.

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