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Default Re: The Walking Dead Video Game

Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
That guy screwed you over. I bought the season pass for $20 back when the first episode came out and that allowed me to download each episode as it came out. If I were you I'd go back and get you your $20.

There's no returns on the download codes. And frankly I'd rather have the disc because I'm running low on Hard Drive Space at the moment (I'm getting the new 500 gig PS3 for Christmas, otherwise I'd already have bought it ... Anyone know the procedure for tranfering data from one PS to another?).

I wound up giving the online code to my little cousing, who's 16, and probably isn't mature enough to really get into this.

I finished episode one last night. It's obvious this is something I'm gonna enjoy. I'm already overly protective of Clem. My decision making has been kind of by the guy so far. I'm not trying to be overly badass or mean. But I'm not being the nicest guy either.
I didn't particularly trust Herschal when he wouldn't let us in the house, so my gut when I talked to him was to not give him the full story about who I was. I was aggressively protective of Kenny and Duck in the Drug store, because frankly Larry was acting like an asshole. But I've been pretty straightforward with Carley and Clem about my past.

I was a little surprised when I finished that I was in the minority on 4 of the 5 things they measured in the episode.

I lied to Herschal, which was a minority, albeit a small one.

I don't remember them all, but the only one I was in the majority on was that I saved Carley instead of Doug, which frankly was a no brainer. She's hot, she's got a gun, she kicked ass rescuing Glenn instead as opposed to Doug who was just a jerk every time I tried to play with the lock on the gate. I mean it was cool that he knew how to work that universal remote, but otherwise, meh.

My only gripe is that I wish once I've completed a dialogue sequence with someone, they wouldn't let me go back and talk to them, because the Obsessive Compulsive in me is circling around a setting two and three times re-checking everything, and I'm always worried someone will have something new to say, and if they don't, I'd prefer they didn't wast my precious load time by letting me as Lilly "how you doin'?" a sixth time.

Otherwise, totally awesome so far. I really like the handling of the action quick time events. I feel genuine pressure at times.
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