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Default Re: Gets awfully quiet in here when Rose hasn't been around..

Originally Posted by 97 bulls
You may be correct in all your assesments. But I remember Garnett and Wade publicly questioning the loyalty of the Bulls FO. So even if the three wanted to team up, they couldve done it in Chicago.

The Dynasty was broken up by the FO. The players didn't help, but its no secret Krause wanted to start fresh. If he had it his way the Bulls would e never been able to do what they did from 96-98

Like im trying to tell Crys and Go. All im doing is showing a patern.
Jerry Krause isn't with the team anymore. LET IT GO MAN!

15 years have passed almost and it was time for the org to move on.

You, Wade and Garnett must have missed when the org payed Jay Williams when, contractually, they could have told him to piss off.

The FO also drafted or traded for Jordan, Pip, Horace, Kukoc, BJ, and Rodman.....but FO they get credit for that?

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