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Default Re: Gets awfully quiet in here when Rose hasn't been around..

Originally Posted by Go Getter
Jerry Krause isn't with the team anymore. LET IT GO MAN!

15 years have passed almost and it was time for the org to move on.

You, Wade and Garnett must have missed when the org pay*don't remember the KG thing, but Wade di Jay Williams when, contractually, they could have told him to piss off.

The FO also drafted or traded for Jordan, Pip, Horace, Kukoc, BJ, and Rodman.....but FO they get credit for that?
Dude, do you understand what a PATTERN is? Its not just about them breaking up that team. Its the fact that the Bulls have lost out on every big name player since then. Its the fact they've never been willing to go into the luxury tax. Its the fact that they've been at or around the bottom of the NBA in payroll almost every year since. Its the fact that the owner on more than one occasion has publicly stated hes not a big basketball fan.

Im not picking on them. I just call it like I see it. From a fan perspective. Im not a fan of the Bulls to watch the owner make money. I want to see them win. If the owner is serious anout winning, then he needs to start holding the GMs Gar/Pax accountable for failing to execute on possible deals that could lead to bringing a title back to Chicago. If players dont want to play for the Bulls then the owner needs to find out why. And he can start by keeping his friggn mouth shut.
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