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Default Re: Gets awfully quiet in here when Rose hasn't been around..

Originally Posted by Crystallas

I certainly see a pattern here.

2013 -3rd (Still Bitching)
2012 -8th (Still Bitching)
2011 -27th (going after LeBron, remember?)
2010 -14th (Not near the bottom)
2009 -9th (Still bitching)
2008 -22nd (Breaking out of NBA purgatory, purging shit, worthy of complaining about)
2007 -26th (worthy of bitching)

The pattern here is, you're still bitching.

*hoops hype includes amnesty players and is inaccurate for team totals(as it mentions on their site, that they use best estimates and guesses for contracts.)
Hey, I didnt start "bitching" until after 2010 when we settled for Carlos Boozer. After settling for Ben Wallace, after settling for Jalen Rose, after settling for Ron Mercer. In case you dont remember, These have been the players the Bulls have managed to get. Do I need to list the Big name players that have changed teams over that time? Either through trade or FA?

Stop making excuses for ineptness. The GMs are getting paid to do a job and aint doing it bottom line. The Bulls are doing well this year. But Im not satisfied with that.
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