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Default Re: Lowry vs. Calderon

Honestly, I think there are lots of teams with deficiencies in their starting lineup. Some say the PG is the first line of defense and they are the most important, some say the bigs are the last line of defense and they are the most important. Is one person right and one person wrong? Well it all depends on how you build your team. If your first line of defense is Steve Nash and your last line of defense is Dwight Howard and then your perimeter defenders are Ron Artest and Kobe Bryant then suddenly your first line of defense doesn't seem so important. My point being that the importance of a particular player at the PG spot depends on the composition of your team.

Take Rajon Rondo, great player, elite point guard, defender, rebounder, passer. Place him on a team like say the LA Clippers and maybe he doesn't look quite as good. Because Chris Paul is always a perimeter scoring threat they can't back off him like they do Rondo. But then on Boston they surrounded him with individual scorers to build on his strengths and hide his weaknesses. How you compose your team is really everything IMO.
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