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Default Re: T-Mac Update:0-11 (If Mods Delete, Complaint WILL Be Sent To Jeff)

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
I've never seen a case of a mod deleting a thread and then Jeff re-instating the thread and/or punishing the mod. The mods on this website are like the refs in the NBA and Jeff is David Stern. He wouldn't even look into that complaint unless a mod gave you a death threat or something crazy like that.

For instance, I forget the thread but OSA came in there like a gorilla on the rampage for a banana. Gave me a lifetime ban for making a joke about Jeff and reason given was "stop being annoying." and then Jeff re-instated me less than 30 minutes later because he realized it was a stupid ban and i'm showtime. Other than that, Jeff is Helen Keller to your complaints.

What so good about this site are the members and the threads.

This site did not become what it is from these mods.

Mods don't contribute much on this board except to monitor it. Don't know if they even watch basketball.
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