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Default Re: Brandon Marshall is a Top 2 WR this year

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Dez is top-5 in terms of "production"...unless TDs aren't production

but it looks like you counted them for AJ so hmm...

Yea, but probably should've explained it a bit more, but was short on time.
You factor in all the things like how consistent was someone through out the whole season, if he's a one-man receiving corps, any big drops/catches...etc. I didn't make a numbered ranking, because I feel you just can't have it that way and some guys are definitely interchangable.

Calvin and Marshall are playing on a different level, with one guy of course going for that yardage record despite teams double and triple covering him in situations, and the same counts for Marshall. The guy has no help and still gets 107 catches and 10TDs. It's unreal.

Aj Green had that whole TD streak going on and was making some big catches early in the season. He paved the way for guys like Hawkins and Sanu to make (lil bit of ) a name for themselves and kept the Bengals right in it.
Then you get Andre. Even though after his first game, he had a rough 4-game period and people thought if he was done. Dude came back healthy and averaged 8.4 catches and almost 120yrds per game (which included that monster 270yrd game) since then. He's awesome at blocking too which helps and had some sick and important catches this year.

That's the unquestioned top 4 of this season in my opinion. I've also seen my share of games, redzone, highlights, fantasy reports and stats, etc...just like others, and I'll have my preferences towards some guys and where I ranked them because of different criteria eg: I picked the next group of 4 because of their consistency, how they came back or made an instant impact.

Vincent Jackson has been money all season long for Freeman, had some amazing catches and would help Mike Williams get his TDs up.
After 2 games, Wes Welker was apparently "out" of NE's scheme but the dude gets his 100 catches again.
'Old man' Reggie Wayne also almost has a 100 catches with a rookie QB and no really great (Avery and Hilton are OK and also profit from Wayne's great season) 2nd options. He's gonna lead the Colts to the playoffs together with Luck after having the worst record in the league.
Thomas is another guy that's been consistent all season long (as his 1200yards show), was always available for the big play and helped Decker to become a bigger name now aswell. Of course that one QB has also something to with it.

I would put Dez just behind those guys because of his slow start to the season with only 2TDs in his first 8 games and he only had the occasional good game here and there. You can't deny that.
There was absolutely no talk of him being in the top 10, but he's had such a great last month and a half, he almost completely made up for it. Still, I wouldn't be able to rank him above guys who have been great all season long..YET. Shame about his fracture, cause he definitely could've gone like top 6 if after the next 2 games.
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