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Default Re: Gets awfully quiet in here when Rose hasn't been around..

Originally Posted by nightprowler10
I forgot about him. I didn't see him as a serious option back then so I don't remember what happened there.

So Love is a possibility now? Hadn't realized that either!

Love is a tiny possibility. VERY TINY. Don't be like some Bulls fans/media and get meatballed into thinking he is a good possibility.

The T'Wolves would have to make a trade with us, and their fans are hardcore ripping on the front office(and with a greater impact than Bulls fans have on our own), so don't expect them to take anything that we have that will match-up cap-wise(here is a hint, Boozer+Picks(and/or Mirotic) for Love is the easiest match.)

Don't get me wrong. I'd LOVE to have LOVE. But it's unrealistic, even if we trade Jerry + our entire FO for Cuban and his entire FO.
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