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Default Re: Brandon Marshall is a Top 2 WR this year

Originally Posted by TheNaturalWR
He started the season slow because we were blowing out fools and didn't throw the ball. He had 24 targets TOTAL in the first 4 games. Marshall's three best games came against Tennessee, Jax, and the Vikings. So what's your point?
You really want to compare AJ stats to Marshall. Look at those elite 273 yards against a horrible team. Against a team with a winning record, AJ has a total of one 100 yard+ game

Andre PFF has Andre as their highest graded receiver this season, that's saying something for someone who started "slow".
Now you're just reaching, Reggie Wayne is also on top of the list and doubt anyone rank him as high.

He's easily the clutchest receiver in the game right now.
WTF is clutchest receiver and how do you measure this?

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