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Default Re: Brandon Marshall is a Top 2 WR this year

Originally Posted by bigkingsfan
You really want to compare AJ stats to Marshall. Look at those elite 273 yards against a horrible team. Against a team with a winning record, AJ has a total of one 100 yard+ game

Now you're just reaching, Reggie Wayne is also on top of the list and doubt anyone rank him as high.

WTF is clutchest receiver and how do you measure this?

I don't need stats to see who's better between Andre and Marshall, it's Andre for me easily. Whenever my receiver gets the ball thrown to him I don't want to be nervous about him dropping it. Marshall had 3 TDs against a shitty Tennessee team and in a BLOWOUT too, guess it doesn't count.

Reggie is easily top 10, so I don't get what you're trying to say.

Against teams with a winning record, AJ only has one 100+ yard game? What the **** kind of stat is that? It's about the defenses you go up against not the "winning record".

By watching a receiver play? Time and time again this season whenever we needed a play, Andre made it.

If Andre got the ball force-fed to him like Marshall, he'd be chasing the yardage record just like Megatron.

What does Marshall even do better than Andre? Like seriously.
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