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Default Re: Week 16 Discussion and Game thread

Originally Posted by AngelEyes
The lions need a new coach. Their lack of discipline is a reflection of their coaching, I'm also not sold on their quarterback. Stafford has terrible mechanics and makes puzzling decisions.

LOL, yeah, so Detroit should just go back out and draft ANOTHER QB @ # 1, first round, etc. "Not sold" on Stafford? Are you kidding me? I guess his 5,000 passing yards last season was just sheer luck. He doesn't really have one of the strongest arms in the league, people's minds are just playing tricks on them.

The only thing about the dude that makes him even remotely questionable is he's injury prone. Outside of that, how can you make a legit argument you're not "sold" on the guy? "Terrible mechanics" ... what? Wow.
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