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Default Re: Predict Floyd Mayweather Jr 2013

Originally Posted by DonD13

I'll rewatch it too later!
I already saw it more than once and always had it very close. You have only one round for Oscar! That's not how the majority of fans saw it. But judging is also a matter of taste.
I agree, biased commentary influences people BIG time!

The judges were clearly swayed by the fan reaction in the arena. I mean, one judge gave DLH round 9, and there is no shot in hell that DLH was close to winning it. In fact it was probably one of the two best rounds for Floyd in the fight.

Finished the fight. Gave Oscar rounds 2, 7 and 12, the rest were Floyd's. Just took a look at the official scorecards and mine matches up exactly with the 116-112 judge outside of the fact he gave Oscar the 4th round as well, which I thought Floyd won.

EDIT: Sorry, mixed up. Meant the 2nd one, not 4th one.

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