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Default Re: Week 16 Discussion and Game thread

Stafford came into the league ready to be a franchise quarterback. Yes, he's a work in progress and the "final product" as you put it isn't there yet, but the dude has already had a 5,000 yard passing season, which is enough to make the likes of Brees, Peyton & Eli, Rodgers, Carson Palmer, etc. impressed and respect you.

What more would it take for you to be "sold" on Matthew Stafford? Does he need to throw for 7,000 yards? Does he need to be even more destructive in the red zone where he already dominates his opponents? Does he need a stronger arm, when he's arguably already the strongest arm in the league? Does he need to be more accurate? Dude looks pretty damn accurate to me.

I think you're just one of those guys who for whatever reason or another doesn't buy into him being worthy of a # 1 pick and uses the "he has Calvin Johnson to bail him out" arguments to downgrade the greatness that ALREADY IS Matthew Stafford.

Please, list me your list or ranking of better QB + WR duos in the league right now outside of Stafford and C. Johnson. I'd love to see it.
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