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Do you think Bulls management are relying on Mirotic to take over Boozer as the starting PF of the future? I know this seems a bit obvious, but perhaps Bulls management plan to not do much tinkering at all, Mirotic is due to come over in 1 or most likely 2 years. I'm starting to think they had planned all this when they signed boozer a few years ago. If that's the case, maybe they are also relying on the charlotte pick to get a top SG in the draft.

So my thoughts are that the bulls are essentially going to rely on what assets they have, as opposed to making big trades. Perhaps they learnt that making trades have bit them hard in the past. ie Big Ben. I'm not at all against this, I like an organisation who believes in their drafting and trust their scouts. San Antonio have been relying on the draft for years, and look how successful they have been. In some ways, Bulls remind me alot of the Spurs. Perhaps I'm wrong but it is possible right? I like this team, and I like how management and what they have done so far. They paid the right coach, they paid the right players Deng,Rose, Noah, and they have drafted very well. Noah, Rose, Butler, were all picked in the draft and doing well for the team. Marquis teague I havent seen much of, but hope he turns out well too.

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