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Default Re: Week 16 Discussion and Game thread

Originally Posted by GOBB
Gruden made a good point to how meaningless most of the yards Megatron gained. I'm mad Roddy White went off and not Julio. I'm going against Peterson and Manning. I needed him to give me a huge night. Only got 19pts from him.

I heard Gruden say that too, and it kind of baffled me because the situation he was describing doesn't exactly fit the Lions season. They've 4th quarter leads over the Pacers and the Texans this season, and then haven't been able to hold on. They've only been blown out a few times, and in those games Johnson really hadn't been a factor. The Lions biggest problem this year (on offense anyway) were amassing a ton of yards and getting into scoring position but then screwing up mightily (mainly Stafford not quite being on point). If you look back, he's gained most of his yards prior to garbage time when the Lions were either in the game or building a lead they eventually lost.

Of course, even with the Lions struggles, anytime a player puts up the kind of numbers Johnson does (especially from a skill position most dependent on outside factors), it's incredible. He's the first player in history to have two back to back 1600 yard season (only Holt and Harrison have even done it multiple times). He's among five players in history to have 2 or more seasons of 100 yards receiving per game (only Lance Alworth has more at 3). All of this on top most likely being the first receiver to amass 2000 yards receiving.
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