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Default Re: Calling for the next Barry Sanders: Stafford and Megatron desperately seek you.

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
I went to the gym, please be patient. I'd put Schaub and Johnson over them, Manning and Cruz, Brady and Welker, Ryan and White, maybe a few others. I realize that Johnson is #1 by a wide margin over any other receiver but we're supposed to be evaluating duos here, which should mean this is about more than the receiver's stats. Stafford isn't a Sanchez-bad QB but we're looking at 17 TDs to 16 interceptions. The team is 4-11. Not Johnson's fault at all but Stafford with his interceptions gets a healthy share of the blame for that. If you have the best QB/receceiver duo you shouldn't have such a terrible record.
Schaub and Andre have a weak case. . Stafford is the better qb and Calvin the better wide out.

Brady and Welker not this year.. Not even close. Brady spreads the ball around way too much and Welker didn't even have great production.

Cruz and Eli have no case.. Cruz is so behind Calvin its not funny and Eli hasn't even put up better numbers than Stafford although he's been much more clutch. Still Cruz and Eli are not at that level as a tandem this year.

Julio and Ryan or Roddy and Ryan are the only ones with a strong case and since these two of them with dominant production and a great qb its not a tandem. It's a trio.

Calvin and Stafford are the best 1-2 qb wr punch in the league.. I might throw romo-Dez in there since he's absolutely exploded the last half of the season.
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