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Default Re: Article: Mike Brown says Kobe Bryant made him a better coach

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
OMG, Freak, what just happened to you? You finally took off your helmet and just realized that DK thinks he is God and us here are merely idiots who are clueless about basketball?
He calls most NBA coachess like Mike Brown and D'Antoni, clowns, said Erik Spoelstra as a tad better than the two Mikes etc and yet he spends most of his time here, a free website ranting who stupid they are and if we disagree, he will insult our intelligence as if we are lowest scums of the earth. Then later on hell put up these. as if nothing happened.

Hello Tam, I have never insulted anyone's intelligence.....unless their entire existence is based on knowledge of basketball coaching. I am a highly intelligent man but when it comes to soccer I am an idiot, I couldn't remotely come close to holding my own in an argument .
I'm sure Lakerfreak could kick my @ss in a discussion about Psychology.The difference between me and some FANS in here is that they are not realistic in their knowledge.......with sincere apologies to Lakerfreak for using this as an example, when someone says Magic won titles without Kareem or some other thing of that sort....and then they want to argue a point.....what can you really say if they have no idea what they are talking about.
Guys on here watch a few Laker's games and in their heads consider themselves experts . I actually enjoy sensible basketball discussions and long as they are intelligent and well thought out, they don't have to agree with me.......Frank Foley is a great example, the guy is razor sharp....we don't always agree but what he says always makes sense, I can understand where he is coming from and understand his angle or point of view....even if it differs from mine.......there are plenty of other guys like that on here. I was extremely fortunate to have learned from amazing basketball minds......Legends you all know... from the time I was young....(you know middle of last century ) I learned so much because I LISTENED to those who knew more, not insisted I knew everything, I soaked it up like a sponge. I
applied my knowledge to coaching, training and developing kids into not only excellent basketball players but top notch young men. At points I have had as many as 9 teams running, playing 4 seasons per year plus tournaments this is over a span of over 25 years....and in my worst single team season we won over 80% of our games. The coaches I have trained have only had outstanding winning seasons. I won't even go into the success of players I have coached. I would certainly hope that guys who know more about coaching than me are not wasting their time sitting on the sofa watching Lakers games.....maybe more of those need to coach

Was I wrong about Mike Brown? Or was I 100% right that he was an incompetent coach......YES, I was right and I said it immediately upon his hire that he would be gone after a season.......hmmm Maybe I can evaluate a coach.....maybe the fact that I have been paid to evaluate and train coaches...maybe that has something to do with it.....hmmm, maybe the guy who's entire basketball experience has been to sit on his rear with a beer and watch Lakers games couldn't do the same........go figure

I was out front from day 1 in calling our new coach 'Antoni for having no defense at all, in fact he thinks defense is useless.......was I wrong
Gee......maybe I just get lucky, maybe if all I did was watch basketball on my rear end at home with a beer I would know just as much.
Maybe if I didn't talk daily to guys who either played, coached or ran NBA teams....or are still doing so, I would still know just as much as I do......or maybe knowledge is overrated

Maybe with my lack of soccer knowledge I could go onto a soccer forum and argue soccer coaching with a veteran soccer coach.....nah, If I wanted to learn something I would listen and soak up the info....but that's just me
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