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Default Re: Week 16 Discussion and Game thread

Originally Posted by knickballer
I was just kidding about that but it's in typical giants fashion.

As for the playoffs I don't like Kaepernick. The guy has great potential but he's not ready and he makes tons of mistakes.. First, the guy doesn't know how the manage the ****ing game clock and there's 3-5 instances a game where we either get delay of games are forced to call a timeout. Second, everyone raves about his big play potential but truth is the offense hasn't been any more explosive with him in, he breaks a run for 50 yards and then he fumbles the next snap or gets sacked for a 15 yard loss.. His passing yardage is comparable to Smith's but difference is that Smith is more efficient and has less turnovers.. Finally, the guy is a turnover machine waiting to happen. He had like 5 fumbles against New England but luckily non of them were turnovers, he botches snaps all the time and he relies on his feet too much which defenses are starting to realize(he's not breaking those 40 yarders anymore) Plus I though he was extremely fortunate in some of the games(mainly against NE) where we got break after break and for someone reason NE decided not to cover any of the WR's(3 of the TD's were passes any QB can make)

I like the guy but why make the switch? 49ers should have just kept him in the wildcat formation to utilize his speed and even have some passing packages out of it. Yes, it hasn't worked in NYJ but it was working here and we have the discipline and organization to pull it off, plus it was obvious with Tebow as he just ran it up the guy 24/7.

We shouldn't have a problem in the first round against Minny or Chicago(even if Minny beat us earlier) but if we have to go to Lambeau in the cold I don't like our chances..

That's pretty much my thought in a nutshell. I though you stick with Smith, and if you fail then next year start again with Kaepernick so all his kinks would be worked out by the time the playoffs were done. I'm not a big fan of running QB's but i'd think Harbaugh could reign that in. If anything could be a ***** in Harbaugh's armor it could be him thinking QB's are interchangable because he was a marginal QB at best.
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