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Default Re: Bulking Up for Basketball?

Originally Posted by Money 23
And lose the speed in order to drive? No.

Get stronger for bball, but don't bulk up unless you're a big man.

Like someone else said, mental toughness, no fear of contact will manifest itself into a "stronger" player.
I think every person's situation is unique but more times than not, I'd agree with what you said. I think it's always cool to look to improve strength, but I don't always equate flat out "bulk" with improving in basketball.

In truth, I'm 6'3'' 170 pounds and my lack of bulk has most often not been a detriment in any regard to my game. As you said, it's easier than people think to counteract a non-bulked frame with fearless aggression when attacking the basket. Basketball isn't always about raw strength. It's often about situational utilization of aggression, which can come from people of any size.

If someone's making a home in the post, or looking to make a real serious move in high level basketball (Division II or I college or mid-level pro ball and above) I think there will probably be a sharper emphasis on perhaps... bulk improvement. For most everyone else, I'm not sure I'd consider it a priority.
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