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Default Re: Dez Bryant is overrated

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
To my defense he was an average WR with all the physical talent in the world his first two and a half years. He is finally living up to his potential these last 8 or so games.

But I think we need to see it for an entire season to consider him one of the elite guys. There have been plenty or WRs who have had crazy 7,8,9 game runs.
You do realize that almost all WRs are what you think is "average" their first couple years? With the exception of Randy Moss and maybe a couple others, no WRs are beasts as rookies.

The only ones that can even be compared to Dez that have been drafted the same year as him or earlier are Thomas and AJ, and that is it.

Also Dez has never been the number one in Dallas until Miles was injured, his rookie year he was the number 3, behind Miles and Roy Williams.

To be honest, anyone who actually watched Dez play his first couple years shouldn't be the slightest bit surprised by what he is doing now, THIS WAS OBVIOUS. Only an idiot could have watched him play and then come to the conclusion " he isn't even good, just average"
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